No sound after reinstalling Windows

I've recently completly wiped my Hard Drive due to some Malware problems. After reinstalling windows and whatnot I start installing my drivers. So far, everything is fine. There is only one problem: I have absolutely no sound.

Usually what I would do after formatting/wiping HD is go on the website of the company that maneufactured my computer, a small company called "Seanix", and all I had to do was enter my computer's serial number and they'd give me the driver or whatever that would allow me to have sound. Seanix has just recently gone bankrupt and their website is now offline, so I cannot do so anymore .

I've installed many driver programs and according to them all of my drivers are up to date, but I have absolutely no sound. If it can help, I remember there being a sound manager called "realtek" or something in the lower right permanently. I tried installing the codecs that are on the Realtek website and still no results.

I've been up for quite a while trying to fix this problem, if you have any idea how to help me, I would be deeply appreciative. If you need any more info, just tell me.

Thank you!


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you could always use google and type in the computer and drivers for said computer and see what happens.