No sound/BSOD`s/Installations failing/Windows says it`s pirated, but it`s not.

By davidude36
Aug 20, 2006
  1. Ok i have alot of problems, they all started when i began to get java problems, the java was conflicting with xp, it had never done it before and i play alot of online java games so this was annoying, i decided maybe its time for a reformat, so i did it and i got my win xp disk out of the cupboard where i kept it nice and safe with its security code. i put it in and it all loads properly then it just keeps crashing on start up.... at different points.... so i keep trying (maybe 20 times+) and it finally installs properly... i get into my computer, install my isp and get onto the internet fine, i then realise their is no sound, absolutely no sound, i installed all of the sound drivers that came with my mobo. but still no sound... i tryed all of the windows xp help thigns but nothing worked... sound is a big part for me as i NEED music. So i get onto downloaded java again, leaving my sound problems behind, but when ever i try to install java.. i get an error message (i will find it later) saying something like file missing or invalid.... so after messing about some more (installing messenger after trying 50+ times) my computer begins to have the old BSOD i never got this before i reformatted! so then i thought hmm maybe i need latest xp updates so i go to updates, it install "windows genuine advantage tool" and when i reboot i get an error saying this version of windows is illegal... but u can still use it without downloading updates.... grrrr
    my blue screen of death error was irql not equal or less... so i tryed removing a stick of 512mb ram and magically i wasnt getting bsod for a while, but it began again a week later... so i downloaded a driver update for nvidia.
    anyways to summarise:

    No sound
    BSOD (usually when leaving my computer idol)
    Installations failing (more info to come including error message)
    my version of windows xp is "pirated" when i have the reciept from

    my conclusions:-
    My windows install cd has been corrupted.

    my system (built myself for my birthday 20th feb)
    P4 3.00ghz cpu
    nvidia geforce 5500+ graphics card
    1024mb ram (now 512mb since i removed one to check if problems persist)
    cd rw drive
    dvd rw drive.
    80gb hard drive.

    thank you so SO much for any input on my problems, i was thinking about reformatting again, but i dont think i can through the days of trying to install windows again :'(.
    thanks xx.

    Edit: Please use proper thread titles. Thanks.
    editfromdave: Thanks im new here i shoulda read around :p
    editfromdave: omg please people help me, its been like this for months and im sick of it :(
  2. davidude36

    davidude36 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    Ok i have attempted to work on my sound not working today... i havent gotten anywhere.... ive tried to re install drivers, ive unplugged and replugged in all the sound wires to the right ports, the only thing i cant do is un install the sound drivers i just dont know how or weather it will make a difference, anyone help me with that now scene as im getting so much input from you all?
  3. davidude36

    davidude36 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    pentagonal post:- just orderd a new flat panel monitor (wil make a change to stupid crt) and a new sound card (Should fix the sound problem) and a tv tuner card (Always wanted one). anyways i think i have fixed the crashing problem, only happens a couple of times now with the bsod, i updated my graphics card drivers... which did it some good.
  4. Tedster

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    zip up your last 4-5 minidumps for an analysis of BSODs.
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