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No sound, driver isn't working. Any help appreciated!

Nov 11, 2006
  1. I'm using Windows XP, and using a program called VMWare. It's a program that lets you run another OS, while running XP. I decided to use Windows 98 in there, for my older games, and it works fine. Everything is exactly the same as it would be if using a dedicated computer that only has 98 on it, so there should be no problems.

    Onto the problem.

    My motherboard has a built in AC97 Realtek sound card. This is recognized by 98 at boot, and asks me to install a driver. I can't find the driver listed, so, I downloaded the newest Realtek one that supports 98. I installed it, and everything is there, but, no sound. When I check it, it says that no drivers are installed for it. I tried installing the drivers from disk, and chose a path on my harddrive where the setup for the driver I just installed was, and it said it didnt contain any information about my device. It seems to only be looking for a .inf file, and I only have the setups that install from their own installer. I think that to get it to work, I need Windows to install it, but since it only takes .inf files, I'm screwed. Does anybody know how I can get this working?

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  2. Ididmyc600

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    This is normal behaviour when the driver you have isnt the correct one for the hardware, the INF file is the information file needed by windows to identify which hardware it relates to, It may be the right driver for an earlier or later version of 98 that you have, or it may be because your running it on Vmware ( I havent heard of this myself so its only a guess), you could always try loading 98 onto a spare drive and check to see if the drivers work.

    Other wise its a case of trying the various drivers to see if you can find the INF file you need.

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