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No sound, need help, please!

By Zeza
Mar 24, 2007
  1. Hey all, I'm new here, but looking forward to Use the site more frequently

    My computer (a Del Latitude C840) has recently screwed up its sound. I were using a Crystal WDM audio codec driver, but it was a few years old, so I decided to upgrade. I downloaded a driver, but it didn't work out, it stopped even before installation and came up with this very good error message "You cannot install --name-- on your computer". A few days passed by, but then all that sudden my PC turned unable to produce any sounds other than beeps.

    I uninstalled the driver, and used a program I've got (Driver Detective) to find a suitable driver. The first driver it gave me (Realtek AC'97 Audio) made a blue screen, right after I had started the installation. Once I'd restarted I asked Driver Detective for a new driver, this time it gave me an updated version of the dirver I first used Crystal WDM Audio.

    The installation of Crystal WDM Audio went fine, but when the program were going to start after reboot it couldn't make it. It said it was an "error 10 problem" I checked in the troubleshooter, and it meant that it couldn't get in contact with my device. I've tried both drivers a couple more times, without it making any difference. Anyone got a tip of what to do? Is this a hardware problem? In that case, will there be a fix, a person with a bit above average computer skill can fix?

    Thanks for any help that may come
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