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No sound on Dell 2300.

By icerocks
Sep 21, 2006
  1. Hi, I have a Dell 2300. I cannot play any music and I no longer see the volume control anywhere. I was running low on available hard drive space, so i started removing programs from add/remove hastily. I believe I have done something to cause the following warning, "Sound device is not installed". There is a yellow question mark next to the "Audio Controller" space in device manager. I have tried to roll-back, update or install audio drivers, but I have been unable to solve my problem. I tried to use the resource cd's (applications / drivers and utilities) but I have not had any success. I went to the Dell website to try to download the audio driver, but about halfway through the process, i am prompted to insert the Windows XP Home edition cd-rom which i cannot locate. The computer is about 3 years old. Any suggestions or advice on how to correct this problem is most appreciated...

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