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Dec 18, 2005
  1. I have a Toshiba P25 with XP and a Mat****a DVD drive.

    I uninstalled JetAudio and now I don't have any sound on DVDs. I've tried Windows, RealPlayer and PowerDVD. I have computer sounds, music and video files sound.

    I've tried reinstalling PowerDVD and DirectX. I've also tried using DVD Troubleshooter, which was less than helpful.
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    Thank you, thank you

    I did download and install the mega codec pack and it now has sound.

    Again, thank you
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    Please, i'm here to help :). I'm glad it worked.

    Just so you know, what most likely happened, is that some program you installed, messed the configuration settings of your audio decoder.
    Not only did the Mega Codec Pack provided you with the latest codecs, but it also gives your computer the ability to play whatever you want to, without having to configure anything.

    :) Enjoy it.
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