No sound with ASUS PRIME 370-A and Windows 7 Pro x64

Hey there,

I'm completely at my wits' end, concerning the "no sound issue" with my newly built system.
Windows won't give me a chance, to choose the ordinary onboard audio jack as default output.

I installed the audio drivers both from the ASUS website and the support DVD for what felt like a thousand times.
I even tried disabling the digital driver signature in windows, as for the first time I installed the driver I had an issue with the signature, which now funnily enough won't come again (re-enabled the driver signature).
I also fiddled with the BIOS options and tried all of them (HD Audio, AC'97, SPDIF and even HDMI) to no avail.
In windows my sound tray icon permanently has the red cross upon it and when I right-click on it and select "Playback devices" the only thing I can see is "Digital Audio (HDMI)". I checked the items "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices", but unfortunately no audio jack will show up...

I hope, I've been able to describe my problem in enough detail and I sincerely hope, that any of you guys will be able to help me, because I'm about to go crazy right now.
Is there anything I'm missing?

Thanks a lot in advance and have a good weekend everyone!

Kind regards


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Do you have realtek HD audio by chancem if so that would explain why asus drivers maybe faulty.
Uninstall the asus drivers through control panel --> Add/Remove Programs, wait for it to finish and make a quick reboot.
These may do as they are for your motherboards onboard sound card.
Use this video here to test your sound card once the drivers are installed.
If it works configure your speakers accordingly until you hear the sound in surround with your speaker setup.