No Start/Task Bar!

By kevinm29
Feb 16, 2007
  1. I reinstalled my computer after having problems with virus and such.I used the original reboot disk provided to me with my original emachine purchase. It reinstalled successfully wiping out my harddrive and starting me with a fresh xp.I have no start/task bar and the is no possible way of bringing one up or anything... Is there anything I can do to fix this error?
  2. Rick

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    This happened after a clean install of XP before any changes were made? If so, you have a really odd problem.

    The Start/Taskbar is part of the explorer.exe process. What happens if you CTRL + ALT + DEL, go to Task Manager under 'processes' and look for explorer.exe.. Does it appear? If not, try clicking File > New Task (Run) > and type in explorer . Afterwards, click OK. Does your taskbar appear?

    If this happened after using your computer for a bit or installing drivers, apps etc.. This could be a result of a certain program or combination of programs that aren't cooperating, such as two virus scanners install simultaneously.

    You also might want to start up in Safe Mode (tap F8 a split second before the XP logo) and see if the problem still exists. If it doesn't, then this is almost definitely an application or service problem. If your task STILL doesn't appear, you might have yourself a botched Windows install which could be due to corrupted files, registry etc.. It might be best to just perform a clean install again and keep close tabs on whatever you routinely use and install.
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