NO Video after installing LAN card

By suporttek88
May 4, 2006
  1. I've been trying to fix a friend's Gateway SP4 1300 SE... after I fixed their spyware problem, they wanted to go high-speed, I noticed that the PC didnt have a NIC... I seated a new card and tried booting up... the monitor would not come off standby... I then switched monitors, same results... I swapped out the video card (which is now back in the computer I'm using now, so it DOES work), same results... I then reset the CMOS, same results... rebooted without any drives, same results... removed ALL cards and seated ONLY the video card, same results... everything in the PC turns on, the power supply fan, the processor fan, the HD, all LED's... I'm thinking it could be an IRQ conflict, because of the installation of the LAN card, but I thought resetting the CMOS would take care of that... I tried every combination of these steps I could think of and still the monitor light stays amber and never displays anything... I'm out of ideas and I'm hoping that someone out there has any suggestions... thanks.
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    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    Un-fortunately Gateway is very proprietary.
    If you are able to try a diff psu. You've already elimnated several componants.
    What are the spec on the nic?
    What pci slot did you install it to?
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