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Dec 1, 2005
  1. Ok, Im a newbie at this but for being self taught, im doin, my latest project is driving me nuts, eMachine..T4480. power suply was supposedly only thing wrong, but while i was out, my buddy, ( trying to help) took my hd and installed xp now i have to probs...wont boot...and i cant see anything. evertime i hook the monitor immediatly goes to power save mode. I cant even see what im doin even if i did clear or reset the cmos through the jumpers. any suggestions?
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    is this onboard video or a Video card? and did you allready replace the power supply?
  3. Edwaaa

    Edwaaa TS Rookie Topic Starter


    ok it is happening on both, and yes i have replaced the power suply. the one that was there was an after mrket, as is this one.the bad one was a 450 max...this one is a 300 max
  4. Rick

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    Does safemode work? (Tap the F8 key a split second before the Windows logo appears during bootup and choose Safe mode from the menu)
  5. Edwaaa

    Edwaaa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    safe mode

    it probably would work...'cept i cant see any thing at all on the monitor screen...what could be causing this?
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