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No Video, No Error Beeps No nothin' @ Boot, but drives, cpu and fans run fine

By E vo ยท 5 replies
Jun 27, 2006
  1. I have seen a million other thread titles that resemble the one I just made. All have alot of people giving a million suggetions to fix it but there is never a posted solution. I have had this Video problem once before already.

    My video started to get flaky. Then shortly after my pc rebooted a couple times by itself....still fine though. Then days later .......nothing.......just black screen. I tested the RAM, video card, power supply, everything I could possibly think of....still nothing. I was entirely convinced that my motherboard or cpu was shot, or the both, just like most of the people in these forums. I happened to snag a motherboard and cpu from work. i tried just pluggin the HDD into the board and goin to town, but as i suspected, no go. i've never really had the opportunity to try the HDD swap before because...well, i dunno, just never needed to. I've always reinstalled windows to a new drive and then just grabbed my info from the old drive. Booting from the drive though....I've always assumed and heard that it can't be done because of a few reasons. None of which I know.
    Anyway, wasn't really concerned about the install as i wanted a newer, bigger SATA drive anyway. After I installed the SATA drive I went to get the info from my old drive and I noticed a folder called "video" on the root of my drive. I can't touch it, can't rename it, can't do anything to it. I didn't put that folder there, but something did. I formatted the drive and use it strickly for storage now and have lived happily ever after....until now!

    I now have the same issue at a computer at work. we are a small company and I know my way around computers fairly well so I'm the resident computer guy...making this my problem. My problem is I don't have another drive to install to to fix this.

    Is this my only option? How can I get to a command prompt to see the drive with no video? Has anyone ran into this problem before or is my suspicious video folded a coincidence? I'm thinkin not. Also, just for the record, anyone wanna fill me in on the whole swappin a bootable HDD to a new MB? Can it be done?
    Thanx in advance to anyone who takes the time to post to this thread. I need to fix this PC ASAP. I have a piece of crap toshiba laptop running in it's place. People aren't happy.


    ~E vo~
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    What's that a desktop PC? Try this and see what happens? Unplug the power and remove the battery and if you have a jumper for the CMOS remove to the clear setting. The place back the batter and put the jumper back in the correct position. Turn it on... Still nothing?

    Check the pins on the monitor cable see if they're not bent? Also check the connector for wires coming out at the edge.

    Test another montior to your system. If that doesn't work, try a different video card. Disable all onboard Video if using AGP or PCI Video. If all else fails and you say PWS is good, Monitor, Video, RAM, CPU and etc. Then could be the MoBO. Try replacing that...

    As to your last question, can you explan it more.. What's your doing?
  3. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

  4. Wotrop

    Wotrop TS Rookie Posts: 72

    1 word


    happened 2 me last week. Soi shipped my mobo off 2 asus tobe replaced.

    prolly same 4 u
  5. E vo

    E vo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    did you guys even read my post?


    It's not the board. I'm not even asking anyone if it is. I'm asking if anyone knows how i could possibly get to a command promp or something. this has already happened to me and after i got a new board i checked the old drive and there was a "video" folder on the root of the drive. Do you have a video folder on your root of you drive? I doubt it. And yes this is a desktop computer, I guess I never stated that....if it even matters. Look, not to be rude, but I need someone who knows what they're talkin about to read this post and reply. If your just gonna tell me it's the board....go find something else to do...maybe a little more productive. And my other question was "can you take a hard drive out of one computer....and slap it in another and boot from it" I cannot do this, i'm wondering if you can.

    please help

    i'm very frustrated and i was hoping to find some answers when i checked this post. all i got was a guy telling me to disconnect my battery and someone talkin bout a red pencil, then a guy tellin me it's my board. ffffff.....for ffff....nevermind.

    Ive read other posts and i know there are people on here who know what they're talkin about. I know you're out there.

    ~E vo~
  6. E vo

    E vo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry pencil guy

    i didn't see the link, was a little choked by the reply above yours. This pc was running for 8 months without a flaw. But it is a work pc and viruses are around. People who don't know Shat about computers or security are using these things. I try and lock them down as best as i can without limiting them. I'm pretty sure it's a virus. I was certain it was the board on my other pc and in the end, now have 2 MB's. Anyway, I apologize for snappin atcha. My bad.

    ~E vo~
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