No Video Output from computer

By darkaine
Dec 8, 2005
  1. Ok this one is confusing me, let me say up front i'm not a big pc troubleshooting guy so i don't know a ton about it but i know enough that i've built my last 2 pc's. Last night i was surfing the web when my computer rebooted on me, when it started to reboot i got a msg that overclocking failed enter setup or use settings....but my pc isn't overclocked, when i hit to go to setup it takes to to bios, from there when i loaded the pc i got to windows but every single program that tried to open closed with a error msg (do you want to send a report yada yada), so i restart using the restart option in windows, this time when it reboots i get the same overclock error msg then when it goes to load the hardrives says no ide drives found.....back to bios again, in bios it shows both my hardrives listed there, so try exit our of bios and now i get no image on my screen, i've repowered up at least 15 times in a row and there is no video ouput at all, one time this morning i got it show bios again but then lost the single again and haven't gotten it since....any ideas? i'm hoping maybe just a graphics card error but seems a lil crazy for that, i haven't been getting any beeps from my mobo at all during all of this.
    pc specs are
    amd 3200 64 bit
    radeon x800 pro graphics
    sound blaster audigy 2 zg sound card
    1gb ram ummm can't remember exactly what but it's one of the recommended brands for my mobo which is a asus k8vse deluxe
    1 seagate 80gb hd and 1 western digital 40gb (but this is just a second drive with my music on it.)
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