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today i built my new PC.
All the components (with exception to one of the HDDs) are brand new.

Asus M2N-E SLi Motherboard
corsair 800MHz RAM
400gb WD HDD
XFX 7900gt
AMD 6000+

so anyway, i assembled it all and when i plugged my screen in and turned it on, there was no signal. i was hoping to install windows xp but as there is no signal i cant. I have tried using another screen. The motherboard does not have a standard VGA output which is odd, so i cant try booting w/o the GPU as there would be no way of telling if it was working or not. Should i buy an adaptor for the VGA port that the MB has or is there something else inheretnly wrong with my system?

i have tried using both DVI ports on the GPU and neither of my screens (which both work perfectly, and so do the DVI adaptors i am using) and still no signal. I tried moving the RAM to the other 2 slots to see if that made any difference as i have had a similar problem when there was no boot because the RAM was not detected. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I cant think what the problem is as i have tried all to solve all the things i think that could be the problem.

thanks in advance


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First test: power off, take out the RAM and reboot. You should get a string of beeps. If yes, this tells us that the m/board is OK and that everything you have connected to it is (probably) OK. Power off.
If no beeps, disconnect everything and take out the RAM and all cards.
Disconnect all front panel connectors except the speaker if there is one.
Reboot - string of beeps is good; no beeps not so good. Power off
Now remove the motherboard and reconnect the PSU conenctors. Connect the speaker if external. Short the front panel power button conenctor with a small screwdrive - beeps are good, no beeps means the board us U/S
If you get beeps, power off and reassemble making sure you do not have more metal support pegs than there are holes in the board as otherwise they can short the board out. Put back one piece at a time, checking for a single beep after each item is fitted. If they stop, you have a problem component. Tell us.
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