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Apr 11, 2004
  1. I am installing a new mobo, Shuttle AK35rG, at firstI had the video when I went to format the new drive, the video went on permament save energy.

    There is a long story to this problem but I'll keep it short for now and fill it in later if anyone has questions or comments.

    (I solved the previous problem of powering up powering down by installing new CPU, witrh artic silver and upgraded cooling fan, now I am re-winding to the problem that was previous to that)
  2. PanicX

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    Let me see if I understand you correctly. You've upgraded the motherboard of your PC, everything worked fine. You began to format the harddrive, then you lost video, and your monitor shows itself in the save energy mode. Is this correct?

    Assuming I understand the problem correctly, are you using a video card, or motherboard video?
    Do you see anything on your monitor when you first turn on the computer?
    Do you hear beeping when you turn on your computer?
    Does your monitor work fine if you plug it into another computer? (do you have another computer?)
  3. SMA

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    I am using a video card. THe motherboard does not have a video plug. I have not tried the monitor with another computer but I have triedother monitors with the motherboard. I have other computers.

    No beeps and nothing on screen so at thispoint I think it iseither the bios chip or the bios needs reflashiing. I tried reflashing according to the instructions in the manual and on the web. No results and so I have decided to return the motherboard unless someone else has a brilliant idea in the next couple of hours.
  4. PanicX

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    If this board is dead do to a failed flash attempt, you may want to try and withhold this knowledge from the store you purchased it from, normally a corrupt bios do to flashing isn't covered under warrantee. It's also not a great idea to flash the BIOS without video support. Do you have another video card to try in this system? If you boot without a video card, do you then get beep errors? Are there any LED's on your motherboard that light up when you power on the computer? Are any of these LED's not green?
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