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Sep 20, 2007
  1. Hi

    I reasently tried to get my Atlon 3800+ to 2.7ghz, and something went wrong :eek:

    Any it load Windows when it was at 2.69Ghz and then crashed after I got the CPU-Z reading like 5 mins after login, so I thought not stable lets drop it back a bit, so I do, then its POST normaly, then comes to the bit where windows should load, and nothing, just a screen saying digitial iput, and it stays on just black :s, so I put it back to normal speed, and still samething so I take the Cmos battery out and leave it out while I was at school. but no help, so I put the Windows XP disc in and and let it boot from disc to see if I could repair windows, anyway It check Hardware setup but then does the samething just has a black screen and nothing else happens, so I thought maybe Graphic card and change it for its twin, (had em in SLI till my 8800 GTS came) the cards are XFX 7600GTs XXX, no change

    Anyway Im abit confused as I have got the CPU to 2.75Ghz off a different motherboard and had it at 1.4v, but on this one I had it at 2.69ghz at 1.35v, probly not enough but I cant change the CPU voltage. also that itll POST find and everthing and pick up the HDD, but not load windows or its install disc :s

    So I wonder before I take both my PCs apart and swap componets to see what damaged if anything, wondered if anyone has had simliar and know what could be up
  2. Tmagic650

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    You have probably damaged the hard drive or the embedded hard drive controller on the motherboard. The CPU, video and memory are a little more forgiving at times
  3. Lengar

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    Thanks, for the reply,

    Ok, what would the fastest and easiest way to test this out?

    Could I see if the HDD will boot its windows on a Motherboard that I know works, and put a Working HDD with windows in the PC thats faulty and see if it will load off that HDD, Would this work as both the HDD have OEM Windows XP installed, both the motherboards are MSI, but a different models, but both HDD are Identical been Western Digital I never really heard of one break before.

    Another Question as well, if the motherboard or HDD are faulty is there anyway to tell it was from the CPU been overclocked, as they are 6 months old and still under warrenty, (save me some money)

    Thanks in advance
  4. Lengar

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    My new Paperweight

    I can now say Ive seen a Western digital HDD break, Meet my new paperweight :p

    and Ill still get it under warrenty wont I? as they can be no possible way to tell it was damaged due to a mess up in overclocking
  5. Tmagic650

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    Good work Lengar,
    stay away from overclocking in the future or get yourself a motherboard that can overclock in steps, shutting itself off before any damage is done.

    This could also have been a coincidence. The hard drive gave up on it's own. All you can do is submit the bad drive for warranty replacement. I know Seagate will honor the warranty for almost any drive failure
  6. Lengar

    Lengar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16


    Not ment in the wrong way, Ive been very careful with overclocking in the past, I probly got a bit too confident, but I do know now where the CPU will go to now, I know it could of been alot worse (fried CPU, Motherboard, Etc. :s)

    yer not the best Idea to do it on a none overclocking friendly Motherboard, lesson learnt and Lucky not expensive, just time consuming (I have to Reinstall WoW NOOOOO!!!!! :O)

    Lucky its under warrnety from the Company I brought it from so just a quick return and pick up a new one :)

    Well My 1st bad experince with Overclogking wasnt too bad, and hopeful my last (touch Wood)

    Thanks for the help
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