no wireless network with fx5200

By bobaraba
Feb 22, 2005
  1. have a pentium 3 733 mhz pc with winxp networked to a pentium4 2.6ghz pc by wireless linksys setup. i put a nvidia fx 5200 video card in the pentium 3 pc and now it won't connect to the host pentium 4. the motherboard in the pentium3 is an intel(easton)d815eea. shouldn't this board take the fx 5200? when i take it out it hooks right up. am i doing something wrong or is this card and mobo non-compatib
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    You say host PC. This implies that the other PC is acting as the server? Is there a router in this network? What does the network look like?
    I notice you also said it is wireless, wireless uses more power than wired, that 5200 also requires a bit more power than the card that it likely replaced in the system. This could be a power issue, as most wireless adapters have a means of limiting or shutting off their power if needed(though I've only seen this feature in notebook adapters)

    If that is a PCI version of the 5200 and you are also using a PCI wireless adapter, you could have a resource conflict.

    You really need to give more info so we can limit the possible causes.
  3. bobaraba

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    wireless non connect

    linksys router on main pc which i call the host. it is hardwired to cable broadband roadrunner. wireless linksys card in pc no. 2. the fx 5200 is agp. my old video card is a nvidia tntr2. ii moved the wireless card to another slot but that didn't help. you think it could be a power issue. is there that much difference between the video cards?
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