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By Bigfatgoalie
Jan 19, 2005
  1. Hey all, i know i am probably gonna get slaughtered for asking but i did have a few questions! (i did browse the forum but couldnt find the answers)!

    1. How do you guys all know the temps of ur computer!? Is there like a utility you can download or something? I am running Everest at the mo and that tells me a few temps.

    2. i was thinking of overclocking my graphics card (NVIDIA Verto GeForce FX5700le 128MB cause ive heard they overclock big time and currantly when playing HL2 im only runnin about an average or 30fps and wanna up that) so should i get a fan or 2? I only have theone that came with my system, my mother board is a FIC K7M-400 and the temp at the mo is 35C (CPU 49C) or does anyone think i could overclock my card safely without the need for extra cooling?

    3. Finally, mega noob question this! Can anyone recommend any good fans, sites to get them from etc (will a 80mm do do ya reckon!?) and are they hard to install? i have never done anyting like this before and if it requires loads of nuts and bolts and bracket installation and wiring then forget it! or is it really quite simple! Do they just sit in there and all u need to do is connect it up or sommit!?

    Would appreciate any ones feedback!

    Cheers all!

  2. Paul

    Paul TS Rookie Posts: 58

    For your temps you can use and try mother board monitor
    As for over clocking that card it will get on the hot side and i would use to fans one blowing in on the front of the case and a extra 80mm sucking out the back,If you like the best fan you can go with a zolman 80m out back ( runs at 3000 rpm silent mode is 1750rpm, or you can use vantec stealth runs at 2150 rpm quite.To install is simply looking for a extra 4 pin power connector and use the splitter that comes with the vanteck and plug it in between.The power pin your looking for will be 2 blacks a red and a yellow wire.I recommend you hook up fans to power supply only and do not use the 3 pin connector that most fans have and plug them into the mother board,If the fan gos dead for what ever reason you could blow out the 12v on board,If you power supply has no extra power 4 pins you will have to use the splitters inbetween power like your cd rom /writer/hard drive,You can also buy 1 to 2 power additions and 1-3 spliters,this would be easier for you,ask your parts store.
    In your case here using the zolman fan you will need a 3 pin to 4pin power splitter because it is not included,Vantec includeds one in the box.If you need more help connecting theres plenty help around.
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