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By dae_amp_ika_dtp
Sep 4, 2006
  1. hi im planning on upgrading my guest computers ram. currently the specs are:
    1.3ghz AMD
    128mb pc 133 sdram
    250 watt psu
    120 gb HD
    128MB Nvidia

    i was wondering if ddr means double data rate. then does that mean 1 512mb ddr ram. is about the same thing as 2 512mb pc133 sdrams? the most my guest computer can take is 1.5gb of pc133 sdram. im wondering if i need all 1.5gb or if i only need 1gb. i dont want only 512mb in it. my cpu is the most the board can handle. and i was wondering if my 250watt psu should be fine running the newer setup. with either 2 or 3 512mb sdrams.thanks..
  2. kitty500cat

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    PC133 RAM is not the same as DDR. DDR RAM is double data rate, 184- or 240-pin; PC133 is single data rate, 168-pin. 1GB of PC133 should be enough, and you can't put DDR RAM in your PC133 system. I'd say your power supply should be able to handle it when it's upgraded if it can now, cuz I dont think RAM takes that much power.

    EDIT: sorry, I misunderstood your thread. Good luck w/upgrading your RAM.
  3. Tedster

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  4. dae_amp_ika_dtp

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    yes i know i cant put ddr in a sdram slot. i was just comparing the two. like 1gb sdram performs the same as 512mb ddr ram. ok. so you said 1gb pc133 should be fine? im willing to put 1.5gb pc 133 but im not sure if it would make a big difference. thanks...
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