noone replies for a reason

  1. I picked a catagory where the heading was something along the lines of give us your feedback, i scrolled down the list and one is titles noone replies.
    well I was about to give this feedback when I read that, thats the problem I see here the sites users many are as someone coined the term "newbs". That is perfectly fine, but apparently the users arent seeing proper directions as how to ask their questions. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE TO READ... Same as in live chatrroms which I prefer over and disscussion forum site, I just don't get into it. Now the way this works is you state your problem don't be shy
    just throw it in there if someone can answer they will, if your not getting a reply it's probabally one of three reasons noone knows, and/or (is not at their keyboards if your asking in a chatroom setting) or that you left out some of the detailed information, which is what I am seeing is most of what I have read here. I mean c'mon now, how are the experienced users supposed to be able to help when the operating system used isn't even being stated in the problems description! My company offers free classes here in san antonio, and I am willing to give anyone advice a bit of help or a tip or two.
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    You took that many lines of poorly constructed sentences to advertise your company in San Antonio?

    I believe most people that post to this site understand how forums work, and if people make a post in the Introduce Yourself forum they are guided in the replies to threads they can read to make their expierence here better and more plesant.

    I checked your only other post (as of when you posted this thread) and it was telling someone to contact you through IM concerning RAM. Maybe you don't understand how forums work? Generally you reply with the answer in the thread, not in private.
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    There are a lot of newbs here on techspot and there always will be. However you have to consider there are quite a few experienced memebers here whose experience ranges from good to genius. (I'm probably somewhere on the higher end but in no way a genius when it comes to systems.) By and large it is assumed that the operating system is XP or older since the vast majority of PC users have XP. Those that do not write their issues in the alternative OS forum. Windows Vista is still far too new for the majority of people to comment on. I for one will not be switching over for quite a while. I have no reason to.

    You also have to take into account that the experienced users are far less than the amount of newbies here. None of us has the time to answer all questions (except for maybe howard! hahahaha) We also pick and choose.

    I'm on here quite a lot because there's not much to do otherwise in Iraq during my free time. Plus while I am managing my systems at work I can also surf.

    It would be helpful and I suggest that perhaps next to your handle, techspot also allows users to post what they think their own computer experience is.... say from newbie, to average, to above average, to expert, to guru. That way responders can answer appropriately without insulting someone's intelligence.

    Most of the time I turn off private messaging. I have way too many noobs email and PM me. I do not use instant messanging whatsoever. They are virus conduits and also hog system resources.

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