northstar a900I laptop boot's to black screen(even on ext.monitor)

By steyr223
Jul 13, 2005
  1. northstar a900I lptp bt's 2 blk scn(even on ext.monitor)FIXD:fresh xp install

    First off hello every one
    it seem's i cleared upmy blue screen after hostil shutdown (and not by
    unplugging all my usb devices) it was apparantly the power supply.
    <this will be posted in the proper thread>

    now to the point
    friend brought laptop over
    northstar a900I
    boots,posts,all bells and wistles normal
    black screen almost like it's there but you cant see it
    o sorry the splash xp even comes up

    i have been in the bios to answer many questions
    setup is normal (pci ide bus mastering is off?)

    safe mode or command prompt --you can see ther letters S A F E M O D E
    in white at all 4 corners and what os in middle erest is black screen

    no battary running off power supply(problem?)

    hooked upto ext monitor (same outcome)

    booted from cd xp (i would almost swear with my life i atleast got
    to the recovery screen ran diskpart and found fat 32 file system)now i'm not sure(i work play with a lot of systems)
    now when booting from cd the system reboots directly before
    loading drivers, and after the "xp is configuring your system" display
    and this is all black

    by the way the bios screen is blue just exactly how it supposed to be
    did research cant find northstar(only laoptop deals and advertisements)

    help please i'm completly stumped
    can only tell you visual
    4 usb ports, rj45/rj11, sound/mic, external vga, 4 PIN PS2?(maybe svid)
    on back sticker for xp home lan edition if that makes diff
    128 megs one stick, dvd rom
    1.1 gig cpu and 10 gig hard drive

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