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norton 360 error?

By Richard132 ยท 4 replies
Oct 5, 2007
  1. anyone else had this message pop up?

    "norton 360 process has stopped running please restart your computer in order for it to run properly" happens about 5 minutes after log on but dont happen all the time just sometimes.
  2. AlbertLionheart

    AlbertLionheart TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,026

    Norton is not a popular product on this forum; and this sort of error just goes to support the general consensus. If you can, bin it and install the free products from AVG and a firewall from ZoneAlarm or similar
  3. Jase123

    Jase123 Banned Posts: 1,012

  4. Richard132

    Richard132 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    thanks for the advice :)
  5. Jase123

    Jase123 Banned Posts: 1,012

    No worries at all mate. Norton just hogs resources, and is not worth purchasing.

    Regards Jase :)
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