Norton 360 will not activate

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Jan 8, 2008
  1. Installed Norton 360 on XP Home machine - it will not activate cant see internet connection (DSL) although internet is working.
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    Sorry to tell you, but you should be grateful. Norton is a dreadful product and if you can take it back for a refund my advice to you is to do so. There are plenty of much better products about, some of the free.
    Sorry - the truth is sometimes unwelcome.
  3. Confused Accoun

    Confused Accoun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Not the Only program

    I also Migo Regstry Repair - that worked great on my desktop computer (with dial-up ) but when I try to use it on my laptop it can't see the internet connection
  4. raybay

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    So are we talking about two machines and two problems here? If so, tell us the brands, models, configuration, and more details.
    Otherwise, I agree with AlbertLionHeart
  5. sghiznaneck

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    Ran Norton for a really long time, but believe me, there are free programs on the internet that work much better than Norton. They also use less resources than the Symantec products. That's not to say Norton is a bad product, just that it's a resource hog (sucks the RAM up and doesn't release it). Also, the statement that it "runs unobtrusively in the background" is a complete lie. When it's doing its thing, you experience slowdown, and if you don't have a lot of RAM, can come to a complete slowdown or freeze up.
    Since I remove Norton from my computer, I've been running AVAST Anti Virus and Comodo firewall. If you just purchased Norton, you're stuck with it until your subscription runs out unless you decide to uninstall it and take the loss.
    You might try to go to the Symantec site and find out if there is a fix for the problem.
  6. Confused Accoun

    Confused Accoun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Not two machines

    Migo product ran great on my desktop (HP - older model) with no problem ... worked wonderful ... had problems with desktop for 8 months .. finally broke down and bought the program- ran it - ALL Problems gone. So I decided to try it on the Laptop (ACER ) to fix some problems - this was after I installed Norton and began having problems with it - I was thinking something was wrong that was stopping norton ( other than the program stinks). I agree - this is the last time I buy norton - but now I'm stuck with it . so I want to fix it.

    Just installed DSL on laptop - haven't got it on desktop yet.
    I did not install Norton on the Desktop

    The problem is Migo Registry Repair and Norton 360 niether will recognizes the internet connection...
    Internet Explorer 6 (cause 7 stinks) , Firefox and ITunes all connect to internet and work .

    Thanks for the responses

  7. wildman6801

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    I would first check your firewall that is included with Windows XP to see if it is blocking the connection that Norton needs to connect to the internet.

    If you can't activate the product using your internet connection their should be a manual activation which means you will have to call a number and punch in the activation number that is listed in the program. On the phone you will here what letters and numbers are needed to activate the product. It will take some time but it will work.
  8. Confused Accoun

    Confused Accoun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Will that allow live update to work or will i still have the connection issue after activation
  9. wildman6801

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    You may still have a connection issue but you can find the live update program and add it to the windows firewall or if you are installing norton firewall then it will allow for live update to connect because it will turn off windows firewall.
  10. raybay

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    We are having trouble with Symantec and Norton removal. When removed from a laptop, the onboard wireless stops working. We do not yet know why.
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