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Mar 19, 2007
  1. I've purchased norton 2007 via download and can not uninstall the previous Norton products because Go Bac is still installed. When I try to uninstall Go Back, I get a Nvidia 2000 drivers installation wizard. I'm not sure how everything got mixed up, but how do I undo it, uninstall GoBack so I can install latest verion of Norton?
  2. Po`Girl

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    Try the Norton Removal Tool HERE
  3. deadeyesky

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    When I run the removal tool, it detects Go Back is enabled and installed, ask to disable and uninstall, answer yes and an error comes up could not launch and to remove using Add/remove programs. When I go into Add Remove programs and click change/remove, Nvidiawindows drivers start to install. It's a vicious circle
  4. Po`Girl

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    The only other things I can suggest is to -

    1.Uninstall the Nvidia drivers,then try add remove.(you never know,it might work)


    2.Do a brute force uninstall - Delete all Norton folders,search on "Norton" "Symantec"

    go into regedit and search on "CC," "cc," "Norton," "Symantec," "Sym,"

    then run RegscrubXP or any good reg cleaner.

    A good page HERE and HERE to remove Go Back from the MBR.
  5. sghiznaneck

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    Go to RegEdit first and delete all entries for Norton (Symantec) within the subcategories of software afterexpanding those folders and delete all of them. You should then be able to go into the actual directory where the program was installed and delete all the Norton program folders without a hitch. Just be careful when messing around in the registry. Once you celete the wrong one, it's gone unless you reinstall the operating system.
  6. tipstir

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    Try going under the SAFEMODE to remove these problems. Never never install NS from Symantec gives nothing but problems. It might be too late you might have have to backup your files and re-install the OS? Good luck..
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