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Feb 15, 2006
  1. Has anyone had problems with NAS opening spam email? Just installed Norton on a new computer with Outlook and when I click on "This is Spam", the email get moved to the Norton Antispam folder, but in the process, it opens the email. The main reason for using Norton to avoid span, not open it and potentially send info to the very people I'm trying to avoid! Norton support is no help.
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    Thanks PanicX, but I'm just a stick-in-the-mud oldtimer, afraid to try new things. I did uninstall and reinstall Norton, which didn't help at all. Am waiting for an email answer from Norton that would actually help (may never come though). Thanks again and if all else fails I may get adventurous and try SpamBays or SpamAssassin.
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    PanicX is pretty much right actually, there have been alot of problems with Norton software. It's always good to look around, you might find something better. Normally Norton is only popular because of the publicity it gets. If it had no publicity at all, if you base it on how well it performs, no one would touch it :)
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    I know what its like to stick with what your comfortable with. Unfortunately the Norton of 1990 is not the same as the Norton of today. If you do a small search for Norton on this forum, you'll see hundreds of user issues that are only resolved by removing Norton and using another solution.
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    the only Norton I recommend is systemworks 2003 and earlier and Norton corporate - the latter of which you can obtain for free legally if you are a U.S. federal employee.
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    Uninstalling/reinstalling, which you already have done, is the 9-to-1 favorite to be exactly the recommendation you will get from Symantec in the "not-yet-to-arrive" email you mentioned. When you uninstalled, after the uninstall was complete, did you go to Search, and locate and remove any and all (relevant) Symantec files still remaining? If not, I suggest you do that before reinstalling.

    I assume you are using Symantec's Norton Internet Security. Is this correct? If so, what version (i.e. year)?
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    Reply from Norton

    Thanks to everyone for all the ideas. wlknaack: I didn't do a Search after the uninstall, but I will try that next. I'm using Norton Internet Security 2005. Norton did finally respond (if you call it a response): "this situation has been reported to Symantec Development. Our support staff thanks you for your patience as we investigate the root cause of this situation. We will continue our efforts in tracking this issue, and will update the Symantec Online Knowledge Base to include new updates." In other words, we don't know and we probably never will! Guess I'll be looking into other products.
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    First, when I had NIS 2004, I found a major bug in the program. One which allowed you to access the otherwise password protected personal information, i.e phone numbers, passwords, credit card numbers. I notified Symantec and got the run-around over a period of 4 or 5 emails until they finally admitted that there was a problem, and they were working on it. They never issued an update to solve the problem in the 2004 version nor, to my knowledge, did they ever issue a notice to 2004 users that the problem existed. They did, however, fix the problem in the 2005 version, so I had to actually purchase the 2005 version (versus extending the 1 year updates) in order to fix the problem.

    Secondly, go to this thread I started and get a flavor of the types of problems some of us ran into using the NIS 2005 version:

    I hope your removal of all relevant NIS 2005 files, and a clean reinstallation of the NIS 2005 solves your problem. But for the long term, I would strongly recommend you look to other methods for firewall and antivirus protection.

    If you should choose to look for replacements to NIS, just post here a request for some suggestions, and I am sure members will pass on to you their personal experiences.
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    I also didn't like Norton antispam .. better try Spam Bully
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