Norton Antivirus Corporate edition won't uninstall!

By Kirei Blossom ยท 11 replies
Jan 9, 2008
  1. Help. I had my computer's RAM replaced by a technician who reformatted the harddrive later on and installed Norton Antivirus corporate edition. It says version 7.61.928. I want to uninstall it and switch to AVG instead (which I've always used), but when I try the Add/Remove feature, it comes up with a message saying "Fatal error during installation." I can't find any other way to uninstall Norton, and the technician seems to have removed the Uninstall button from the Start menu as well. Please please help. >_<

    I know I could do a System Restore, but I've installed a lot of software and done lots of Windows Updates in the past few days. I don't want to have to start from scratch all over again. I have Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1.
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  3. Kirei Blossom

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    After running that removal tool, it comes up with this:

    The following programs were found on this computer. These must be removed through "add/remove programs" before Norton removal tool can proceed: Norton Antivirus corporate edition 7 or earlier.

    How convenient... I would've used the add/remove option if it would let me...

    Problem is that I don't have the install disk with me either. Anything else I can do?
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    Sorry Kirei , I couldn't get in to techspot, not sure if it was me or techspot, but oh well back on.

    Anyway you may need to upgrade (using a trial) your norton Antivirus to 2008 version, or near to.
    Then fully un-install it again

    Are you getting any fault codes or reference numbers ?
  5. Kirei Blossom

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    I'm not getting any fault codes or reference numbers. Where can I find the trial version?
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  7. Kirei Blossom

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    After a lengthy download, I tried installing it, and it says that I need Windows SP2 before I can install it. x_X; Isn't there any other version for SP1?
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    Run all of these first

    Browse to the following locations and delete the folders.
    C:\Program Files\ (Delete all folders beginning with Norton or Symantec.)
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec

    Go to Start>Run and type regedit.
    Click OK.

    Browse to the following locations and delete the folders:


    Click on Edit, then Find, type in symantec, and delete whatever comes up.

    Please try that (Hopefully it'll be gone)

    Also, please continue to reply back with the results
  9. Kirei Blossom

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    Thank you for all your help. I just did a System Restore and its gone now. Though now I have other problems >.<; Anyway, this problem's solved at least. Thanks very much.
  10. Norton has always been a problem to uninstall. I've found that the best way to remove it is to download their own removal tools as suggested, and if that fails, do a manual removal yourself via the registry then reinstall the whole thing again and try to uninstall it again properly. It's usually in control panel in a few places. You have to remove the program itself before you can remove liveupdate etc. Also ensure the windows installer dcom server process launcher services are actually up and running as I've seen these cause installs/uninstalls to fail in the past. The best way to check is to attempt the uninstall again then after it fails go and have a look in the event log.

    The "technician" installed this because he's probably a by the book man. Basically this kind of crapware is installed for political reasons. It's all a question of liability. This is why IT technicians use Mcafee and Norton for companies' networks because if it goes wrong they can hold the package accountable and can't be blamed by their superiors for using something FREE and untested off of their own backs.
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    Norton won't uninstall

    Have Windows XP and when I try to uninstall Norton Antivirus Corp. Edition 7.50.846, it gives error "unable to load Notes ext.all" and locks up computer. Have already tried the "fixes" from Symantic, and they don't work. Any other suggestions? This is my boss's computer! Somebody help me look good!
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    Run all from post #8 above
    I think this requires a new thread by you, as this is Kirei Blossom's (how sweet) post
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