Norton Antivirus related BSODs?

By PaulaA
Aug 13, 2006
  1. Can anyone help me - i have a relatively new pc which came with Norton Anti Virus software as part of the package. I then switched to Sophos and then began experiencing BSOD every time i played games such as Sims 2 etc. I have checked my drivers are all up to date and the pc is up to spec for games such like Sims 2. I began looking at my program files and found loads of files on Norton which i thought had been uninstalled when i switched to Sophos. The program Norton is not in the program list for me to 'remove' but LiveReg (Symantec Corporation) is. When i try and remove it it says it is in use by Norton Anti Virus. Also if i try and delete the files in relation to Norton it tells me Access is denied and to make sure its not full or right protected.

    I think this is the cause of the BSOD and that i must not have properly uninstalled Norton - can anyone tell me how to completely get rid of these files and progs?

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    Thanks for that i ran through the instructions and it has sucessfully uninstalled all norton stuff. Cheers. One more quick question (sorry to be cheeky..) when i updated my drivers recently i used ATI and ever since when i start up my pc a screen is displayed called ATI with a folder in it called 'support'. How can i stop this from appearing? At first i presumed it must be in my startup list but its not. Any suggestions?

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