Norton Firewall 2006 - Yikes

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Dec 9, 2005
  1. It was time for a Virus Subscription so for a few bucks more I decided to add Symantic Firewall 06 to the bundle. The download/install went ok but although the software was satisfied it was loaded and configured properly, my system was trashed. I have a year old Toshiba Laptop with a gig of memory, P4, yada, yada.

    Attempt to get the unit to Hibernate--No go, the only to turn system off was to camp out on the power button.

    Attempt to boot--a full ten minutes to start windows and get through password entry.

    Attempt to connect and log onto web---Either it would automatically produce three Home Pages or refuse to produce any Home page or any other page, for that matter.

    Attempt to go to Symantic's Auto/Support---Detected that my version of Auto Update was not current, downloaded correct version. No problems detected with Firewall.

    Produced warning suggesting not to allow when accessing Symantic sites or with incoming Symantic data stream.

    XP op system seemed unstable, delays, inmage jumps, you name it.

    Uninstall seemed best option which produced a really pissy message that unless I jumped through hoops, if i uninstalled, my subscription would be void, the one I had paid for the day before.

    Strangest of Strange, after uninstall, machine booted properly and when I went online (dialup) Firewall started producing message after message that my ports were under attack of every sort. After uninstall!!!

    All is well now running on Anti-virus alone. I'm not the most adept software technician on the island, nor am I the most inept. Is there something I missed here with this whole deal? Any broad based comments or tips as to where I might have fallen off the wagon would be appreciated.
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    Thanks Don

    I've used P.Norton/ Symantic Virus protection,for more than a few years and it's worked. Down here, Virgin Islands, I had an expensive sorry local ISP that made Elink a deal given improved connectivity and....their virus software seems to be catching everything before Norton even has a chance. I still keep Norton, am I parinoid?

    After my troubles with a N/firewall, I will visit your recommended URL's, I'm laughing at myself while thanking you for the guidance.

    We are "redlined" by every insurance/warranty/you name it/ consumer organization on the planet and our phone company is broken down. The very thought that someone would invade my space and bot out anyting at the rate of more than six messages a day, is hilarious.

    My most effective firewall is my worst phone company!

    Thanks again and I'll report back on your alternatives. You just can't be too careful.....Tomas
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    Yes, you would not only be paranoid, but you'd have to be an alcoholic schizofrenic at the same time, if you insist on keeping the crap bloatware from Norton/Symantec!

    Read a few rants and raves about the subject on this forum, and you'll soon see the light!
    Especially on dialup, AVG goes easy on you.

    PS: you are supposed to live in St. Croix.
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    Now you know why it is somwtimes f=referred to as NotOn.
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