Norton Ghost Restore

By netpicker9
Jun 22, 2006
  1. HI,

    I have Ghost Image files for Driver C and Drive D. and i am trying to restore, when i restore Driver C first into my Hard Drive, its taking complete hard disk(lets say 120GB). and when i try to Restore Driver D, its earsing Driver C, which was restored recently and restoring Drive D.. how to overcome this problem?

    Suggest me
  2. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    i think TRUE-IMAGE from Acronis is an excellent program. it's cheper than norton's and is more flexible. you may want to check out the specs. here's where you can get it:
    i have tried this and works great and it's simple to use. i had to replace a c: drive (bootable) with a new one. so, i connected the new drive as slave drive, imaged c: drive into it. unplugged it, installed it as c: drive, and bingo, like nothing had happened. all my data and programs were in the new hdd. true image sells for about $50.00, while norton is about $70.00
  3. wlknaack

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    Sounds like you have two partitions, C: and D:, on one 120GB HDD. If you created GHOST Image files of each partition, you should be able to restore them to the original partition. Are you sure you are not trying to restore them to the Disk (i.e. HDD). That could be why the restoration of C: is taking up the whole HDD, and the subsequent restoration of D: overwrites C:.

    Also, if you originally cloned the partitions (as opposed to creating an image of the partition), you would have cloned partition-to-partition so you would have to clone back (restore) partition-to-partition, not disk-to-disk.
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