not a problem as such (latest bios update)

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hi all i have an asus crosshair mother board and was told my bios is 2 years old i used the tool asus update but come up no bios updates.
bios at the moment is version asus crosshair acpi bios revision o5o2
just hope u can put my mind at rest


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Check the Asus site for updated BIOS's. Or click here and click on BIOS. Note there are two newer BIOS's than your original one.


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don't use the asus update program. put the bios either on a floppy disc or a usb stick if your motherboard supports it.


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Is there any particular reason why you want to update your bios?

If not, you might be better off just leaving it alone. If it aint broke, don`t fix it lol.

Regards Howard :)
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