Not accessing shared folders between PC's on home network....HELP!!

By oceanview
Dec 29, 2004
  1. Hello all...and all the best for the Holidays.

    I have a few systems at home on the same workgroup but for some reason I'm not able to open/view files between them. All systems have full admin rights under my user name.

    Each pc see's the other shares; but clicking on them produces either "the workgroup" is not accessible or the respecitve pc is not accessible messages. All state that there are no permissions. I've rerun the "setup home or small office network and identified the correct connection type. And I've run the Network ID and selected the "home use" option, which resets to workgroup but I change back to my own name.

    The folders are marked share with no editing option and the computer names are unique to each. This used to be working and I've only just noticed that it stopped.

    I feel it's something minor that I've overlooked but I am at a loss right now.

    Any help &/or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you...
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