not detectiong hardrive

By dr.problem
May 16, 2005
  1. not detecting hardrive

    first of all my comp spec's are as followed:

    -SATA western digital 160gig
    -AV8 motherboard socket 939
    -AMD 64 3500+

    Here is my problem:
    First of all, this hard drive was purchased off of ebay with windows 2000 already installed on it. After recieving it, I reformatted the hard drive and installed windows XP. It successfully installed and I powered off my computer. The next time i turned it on, it appeared that there was no windows installed so I attempted to install it yet again. When it came to the "hit enter to install windows" screen i do this, and it immediately tells me there is no hard drive installed. Yet when i look in the bios, it reads it correctly. PLEASE HELP.
  2. kenny81

    kenny81 TS Rookie

    what I frist suggest is that you reseat the IDE cable to the hdd and if that doesnt work try updating the bios.
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