Not sure what viruses i have....

By t13nif
Oct 18, 2005
  1. I have always practiced good virus-hygiene however i slipped up and now it appears i have several. I received several Norton pop-ups stating viruses have been detected--"hacktool" "trojan" and "trojan.Cmap (?)". The pop-ups happened so fast i could barely read the information although i was able to gather that the infected files were not able to be repaired. A full system scan with Norton showed no evidence of viruses. There is nothing in quarantine and no record of the viruses detected although Norton does indicate the date the last one was detected (Oct 16). I have run: Ad-aware SE, Spy-Bot, Norton. I deleted anything strange found by Ad-aware and Spy-bot. I've also run Ace Utitilies, to check for registry errors (and fixed). I was checking my Zone Alarm (free version) for any clues and noticed that an updated version was available which i downloaded and installed (or tried to). Upon attempting to access the internet Zone Alarm placed my PC on "lockdown"--now i can't access the internet. I am currently on my work computer, trying desperately to get info to try to fix my home PC. I followed the ZA instructions and none worked--i tried to change the name of my "Internet Logs" folder and was advised that acccess was denied? I booted in SafeMode and ran another Norton scan and nothing. I have download HijackThis onto a floppy but am looking for instructions on what to do next.

    I throw myself on the mercy of the court...

    (embarassed newbie)
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Read and follow the Read: How to... posts at the top of this forum.
    They contain all the info you need.
  3. t13nif

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    Thanks for the response. The first step in removing HackTool says to go to (etc) and have my PC scanned--however, as i have no internet access on my PC due to the Zone Alarm lockdown, i can't do that. I can put the Rootkit Revealer on floppy and take it home, will this be enough to solve my problem?
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