Not sure where to put this but a quick question for burning dvd's

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Aug 1, 2005
  1. I'm sorry but I am a newb to all this. Never had a dvd burner before. when you burn dvd's can you burn any videos you have and play them on a dvd player if so do you have to covert the format of the video. Cuz I know some videos have to have certain codecs and whatnot. I appreciate any insight in the matter. Thank you.
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    What videos are you trying to burn to dvd?

    Are you trying to burn your own videos from a camera and put them onto dvd? Are you trying to burn video clips from the internet and put them on dvd? For me I have a tv tuner card and sometimes I record a show on the computer but I want to watch it on my home television (via dvd). I use a program called Intervideo winDvd Creator. That program converts my mpeg files into dvd format so I can play them on a regular dvd player. There are many other programs out there to use and they can accomplish what your needs are. I'm just using that one because it came with my HP system. Good luck!
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    I have different videos like .ogm, .mkv, .avi, and so forth does it have to be a certain format to be playable on a dvd player? Will this intervideo convert these types also?
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    Click on that link and do the free trial

    You can find out if it supports those extensions! Click on free trial after you click the first link I sent. Good luck!
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