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By mephisto_007
May 30, 2006
  1. Hello guyz, I have never had any problem with updating/installing driver after reformating computer, but this time my Sound Driver and PCI Input is not installing properly and I don't have the CD for them and the bad news is I'm not quite exactly sure what my soundcard is (perhap soundblaster 5.1 - but there are quite afew soundblaster 5.1 driver on their official site and I don't know which one is the right one) and that the same goes to my PCI Input, which I have no clue what is name/code is... so how am I about to install its driver, help me out :)
  2. Peddant

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    How to determine what sound card you have.

    "Click the Start Button and then click the "Programs" folder.
    Next, click the "Accessories" and then the "System Information" folder.
    Within the "System Information" window, click the "+" symbol next to "Components".
    Click "Sound Device" (or "Multimedia" and then "Sound Device") and in the right-side of the window you should be able to locate complete information about the sound card.

    Another method of determining the sound card manufacturer or model is by opening the computer and physically looking at the sound card. Commonly the sound card manufacturer and model will be listed on the card.
    If you are unable to locate a manufacturer or model number of the sound card, but are able to locate a FCC identification number, it is recommended that you perform a FCC search using that number.

    If it`s onboard sound look HERE

    A list of sound card manufacturers HERE
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