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Jan 5, 2007
  1. I was wondering if some people could tell me their notebook's graphics card and what they think of it like with, video, games, and regular browsing and such. I've been thinking about getting a new notebook but i don't want to have bad graphical performance but I don't want to pay too much either. I would probably play games like Counter Strike: Source, BF2, Age of Empires III, Oblivion, and World of Warcraft. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Notebooks don't have graphics cards, they have what's called imbedded graphics controllers. The good graphics notebooks are expensive, you can't get around this. Look at the notebook specs. Pay attention to the independent graphics specs and the amount of memory alotted to the graphics controller. The CPU power is just as important as the graphics controller power
  3. gamingmage

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    ok but i was wondering like what kind of performance each would give and maybe a comparison of each one to cards that are in desktops like the mobile X1600 to something in the desktop or the GO 7900GS, you know?
  4. Tmagic650

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    I'm not a notebook gamer, I repair notebooks. As I said, notebooks are limited in graphics because of their physical size. Great advances have taken place over the last few years in graphics controllers. I have seen notebooks in the $2000-$3500 range, with beautiful graphics and gaming abilities. Maybe others here can tell you their experiences
  5. nismo91

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    you mean you want to have a "gaming" laptop?
    i ever heard about alienware laptops and i've seen their specs.
    They are a gaming laptops.

    Here is the link for ATI gpu's specs (below the page):

    For me, the best is Mobility Radeon X1800, X800, or 9800.
    But i find that it's not easy to get notebook with em.
    If you want x1800 simple, just buy a 20" heavy-duty dell notebooks and it's there. but, 20 inchs??
    I think i'm in the same direction with you as i'm going to replace my notebook in the middle of this year.
    Mine is using mobility radeon 9700 and i could play bf2, aoe3, wow and of course use the "aero 3d" from windows vista. It's 2 years old.

    Acer's notebook nowadays using ati MR x1600 512mb hm , but i do not think that's a hi-end gpu for notebook as there is x1800. Especially the performance given by x1600 was not a hi jump from my 9700 which was made in 2003.
    in other words, im also lookin for a 256-bit mobile gpu.

    But the choices is all yours, i hope you could see the specs clearly and find an appropriate lappy for yourself. Im sorry that i could not give nVidia geforce specs as i didn't found it in the wikipedia.
  6. cfitzarl

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    The problem with Alienware is that they are typically overpriced. For a gaming laptop, I would suggest a Dell XPS Series. You want to get the GeForce Go 7600 and up or the ATI X1600 and up for some graphical possibilities. Also make sure you have at least 1Gb of memory as well.
  7. nismo91

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    yeah he's appear to be correct, alienware is not a best-buy i think as it's destroy your banks. and 1GB+ram.
    But i've came across this: my friend's ferrari was modded with a 7200rpm hdd.
    I dunno how he manage to get it but he says programs run faster.
    another last suggestion : game screen isn't widescreen.
    instead, multitasking screen is a widescreen.
  8. AtK SpAdE

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    I have a x1600 in my Asus S96j. Now it is not a Top of the line video card, and is not as future proof as the more modern graphic controllers out there for notebooks.

    I find however, that it is a good balance between Performance and Battery Life. I look at it as, My notebook is a notebook first, and a gaming PC second. If you want it the other way around, I suggest you look at the High end Dells, and Alienwares. There main focus is really gaming. Their short battery life and Heavy weight make them alot less appealing for me, but may suit you just fine if you like High Quality graphics (something my x1600 is not capable of)

    Hope this helps

  9. gamingmage

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    alright thanks for your help yea i was thinking of spending about $2000 US for a new notebook so i'll keep an eye out for good deals especially a good controller
  10. LNCPapa

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    My laptop has a 6800 Ultra in it - performs really well in all the games you listed except Oblivion. Haven't tried Age of Empires III on it though. It plays WoW at 1920x1200 with ease - usually pegged at 60 fps. No AA is really needed at that res.
  11. tweakboy

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    Whatever it is its going to be weak, unless its a solid end 6th gen or 7th gen board, no budget stuff,
  12. MetalX

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    It's not really a graphics "board" exactly since it is integrated into the motherboard on a laptop. and by 6th of 7th gen, I hope you aren't referring to 6000 and 7000 series cards because ATI's mobile offerings are just as good :p
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