Notebook Monitor problem Intel Chipset... please help

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Jul 7, 2007
  1. Hello

    I've been trying to output to the correct resolution to an external monitor from a Toshiba M45-s359. External monitor is a Samsung HDTV w/ PC input (native resolution 1280x720), haven't been able to output anything better than 1024x768.

    Graphics are: Mobile Intel 915 GM/GMS, 910GML Express chipset family.

    Anyways, after fiddling with this for days, I've now got a more serious problem on my hands. Not sure how I did it, but now the internal (notebook) monitor won't display its correct resolution (widescreen 1280x800). It now displays as a garbled 1024x768. The most recent thing I did before this problem occured was to install a modified (by me) version of the latest intel drivers.

    I re-installed the original intel drivers.
    I installed the updated intel drivers
    I updated the BIOS
    I even formatted and re-installed windows XP pro.

    The problem remains. The root of the problems seems to be that windows recognizes the internal notebook monitor as "digital flat panel 1024x768"
    For some reason it thinks that this is the native resolution. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the monitor, but this didnt help. Also having this problem during startup and when viewing the BIOS settings.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd be really appreciative.

    Thank You
  2. Zamar1111

    Zamar1111 TS Rookie

    Similar Issue

    Just wondering if you got your problem fixed. I have a similar problem trying to use a Samsung 216BW with a Toshiba laptop with the Intel 915 Chipset. When I set the resolution to 1680 X 1050 which is what it is suppose to be, everything is not visible on my screen. I too have played with this for about 3 days.Installing and uninstalling drivers. If anyone has any thought or solutions, they would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Dok

    Dok TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I ended up taking it to someone. Turned out i destroyed the actual monitor. I got it replaced. I did NOT think it was possible to break a monitor (or any other hardware, for that matter) by messing around with software, but amazingly, I was wrong. Really, really wrong.
  4. xxdj

    xxdj TS Rookie

    Seems ur problem is not the monitor. Ur prob is the driver. First install the chipset then after the display adapter with correct version.
  5. ljwalsh

    ljwalsh TS Rookie

    I seem to have the same problem, but I believe it's from installing the drivers in the wrong order. Now I want to try to reinstall. I now get in startup in I receive the following and it quits. a file is missing nrvd32.sys.I get to the Intel site and their utility tells, or my chipset is defective, if so I do I fix it?Mobile Intel 945 Express Family Chipset.I also found out at the Intel site I need to install a storage Manger, But it will not let me do it all the way I get a your computer system does not meet the minimum requirements.
    Any Ideas would surly be appreciated.

    Dell Ispiron 9400
    Windows XP-64
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