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nt authority shutdown

By brite_wizArd ยท 7 replies
Nov 28, 2004
  1. well i am booting my computer up logging in as usualand what happens, this stupid *****ic box pops up that says nt authority shutdown. how do i make this monstrosity stoP?

    please help me email c@sherlineco.com please!!!!!!
    i downloaded the patch from microsoft on another computer i have and put it on my dell flash drive to transfer it to my other computer and it cant do it's thing without the nt authority thing happening!!!!!!! :hotouch:
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    If you don't get online, then your computer won't shutdown. So make sure you do NOT get online when you install the patch.

    You can stop the error message by typing this. Click on Start / Run and type shutdown -a

    This will disable Windows' ability to shutdown.
  3. brite_wizArd

    brite_wizArd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    works soretof

    yes it works thanks but my computer is not connected to the internet and i still got it so you knoe. :unch:
  4. BlueOcean

    BlueOcean TS Rookie

    Simalar problem but not exactly

    Have recently seen the same issue come up on about 20 workstations. I was wondering about the KB Article / Patch you are referencing?

    There was an article I read (318447) that read "SERVICES.EXE Terminated Unexpectedly with Status Code 128" Error Message When You Start Windows 2000".

    My systems for the most part are XP. I haven't been able to isolate what the cause is for sure but the following outline what I know. Should not be virus or our scanners would have caught it comming in or workstations would have. The major change was Active Directory migration from NT domain. I had varying luck stabalizing the systems. Some wouldn't let you in far enough to execute the run statement above. When I was able to get in the cause as far as I could find was several printer shares that were no longer accessable. After the migration no file or print shares made it intact. They showed as being there but were not functional. Removing them from the registry resolved the issue.

    Just a little side information not knowing the whole story behind your system.

    In truth, best practice is to salvage your data and reload. I use norton ghost to dump an image then extract data back from the image using Ghost explorer.

    Good luck.
  5. ryantruck

    ryantruck TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Similar problem

    I had a similar problem where when ever I tryed to conect to the internet a window poped up and said system shut down in like 30 sec Iniated by NT Authority system and Norton AV did not detect it in the scan I finaly took it to the shop he said it was the netsky virus but I dont know for sure if it really was a virus :suspiciou

    Ryan ;)
  6. altiman

    altiman TS Rookie

    Blaster Worm Patch

    I had the same problem. You need to install the following patch, from Microsoft web site (see what language works for you. Mine is English).
    Good Luck
  7. Mart64

    Mart64 TS Rookie

    NT Authority shutdown...

    Isn't this was just a message via the internal windows messenger service that remotely shuts down the computer (sent by a machine acting as administrator)? You can go to services (in administration ->services) and disable the messenger service.

    This is nothing to do with windows messenger by the way.

    Hope this helps.
  8. ryantruck

    ryantruck TS Rookie Posts: 79

    The same computer that had this problem files are missing and corrupted and i just wish now I would of just reformated the HDD and install windows but I didn't
    I want to buy windows XP Pro and reformat and install it but I cant afford it right now. I do have win 98 SE I want to install on it for now because I cant burn a CD because Nero and I cant uninstall Nero when I try to it says error loading kernal uninstall engine or something because of corrupted DLL files and

    I cant open printer properties when I try to it says (Operation can not be completed) or it does nothing at all It's a mess. :(

    It Has an 80 GB HDD so I think I have to make two partions With FAT32 File system but I dont no for sure. Im going to post a new Thread in Windows OS to get some help.
    Ryan :)
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