"NTDLR is missing" after replacing power supply

By knarfdogg
Jul 12, 2005
  1. Last week my power supply died, and this week when I purchased and installed a new power supply, when I came to boot up the computer I got the "ntldr is missing" error. I rechecked my connections to my 2 hard drives, and they looked all right. I also checked in the bios and it was detecting both hd's fine too. I checked the boot order, and the bios was using the Hd which has XP installed to as my first one.
    I used the XP pro disk and booted up from there and went into the recovery console, there I noticed it was stating that my C: drive (where XP was installed to) was now being designated D:. I chedked the dir on the drive and it was in fact my normal C drive. I went through the motions of replacing the ntdlr and ntdetect files to see if that made any difference but it didnt.
    I finally disconnected my second hard drive and the computer booted up fine. For some reason, despite that my computer is supposed to check the HD with the XP files installed on for the boot up, it isnt and looks to be only checking the other hard drive... is there any way I can force the computer to only check the HD with XP installed and not the other HD in any way shape or form?
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    try playing around with the boot.ini file....
    add a couple of extra options in the boot.ini file and see if one of them work...
  3. SOcRatEs

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    Check HERE for a possible solution,
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