NTFS.sys problem, black screen, no BIOS access

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Feb 13, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I'm not an computerexpert but I tried almost everything I know and hope someone here can help me. I have a big problem with my laptop. It won't start up. When I press the power button I'm getting a black screen and the fan is working hard. There is a led flickering for a couple of seconds when reading a CD/DVD but nothing happens. It works very rarely and then it's freezing after a while or restarting.

    Before the problem with the black screen I got a NTFS.sys error that said it was damaged. After that it booted but after a while it freezed or restarted. Now I can't even get into BIOS because I'm getting a black screen!

    I tried booting with the XP CD en tried Knoppix but it didn't work. It won't do anything except blowing the fan and running the CD/DVD. The problem is that I can't access the BIOS or anything else. Does anybody know a program that might help me boot my computer? Maybe some kind of Boot-CD/DVD? (cause I don't have a floppydrive on the laptop)
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    You will likely need to replace the hard drive. Everything you describe suggests the hard drive has gone bad, or that the hard drive connector cable has come loose. It may be only the boot sectors that are defective, but that means it will never again boot.
    Sometimes, you can put the current failed laptop into a desktop on an adapter. This will enable the laptop drive to spin long enough for you to drag and drop key files or directories over to a location on the desktop hard drive. Once started, if it works at all, do not turn off until done as this may not work a second time. You must jumper the laptop hard drive as slave and desktop drive as Master for best results.
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    Thanks for the quick response...
    I will try to connect the laptop to a desktop computer. Is this possible without removing the laptop hard drive out of the laptop case? Or will I have to get it out and connect it to the desktop computer as a slave drive?
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    Your questions were answered in my previous post.
    No. You must use an adapter. Install the laptop hard drive into an adapter, which has a special socket for the desktop cable. You can get the adapter at www.geeks.com, www.outpost.com, www.compusa.com, and many others.
    Plugging the laptop into another unit does nothing to make a defective laptop harddrive work.
    Once you remove the laptop hard drive to examine it, you can learn the manufacturer, then go to that manufacturer's web site to download the variety of drive fitness tests. Then run those tests on the drive, whether in the laptop or desktop, to determine the cause of the failure... or the status of the drive. If the drive is good, the problem is elsewhere, of course.
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    Thanks for your time. I will try the things you said and let you know if it worked. You have been a big help. thanks
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