NTLDR is missing

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Jul 3, 2005
  1. after various problems with reinstalling windows on my hdd (namely plugging in the wrong damn hard drive), i got a friend to reformat it, and then put it back in. Now when i put in the windows CD and set too boot from CD, I get the message
    NTLDR is missing
    Basically my question is what the hell does this mean?
    I have no way of accessing a different CD as the computer I am writing only has 300MB free and im not going to pay for another copy, since its so bloody overpriced.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. patio

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    Are you sure you have it set to boot from CD first ? ?
    If it is an original XP CD you should not get an Ntldr missing error message...
    If it's a copy you might be out of luck...

  3. cme222

    cme222 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    but i have used the cd several times before without any problems at all
  4. Baz63

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  5. Donlon

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    i had that

    i learned how to fix it.. after trial and error... well you have to reformat again and when it asks you to either leave the disk alone or format, do a quick format and run the install... worked for me.
  6. jobeard

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    ms kb article

    been there - done that! Someone showed me that the sole problem was the MBR no longer points to the kernel loader (NTLDR).

    This occured some time back and I have brain-fade at the moment,
    I'll try googling for the specific fix ...

    see http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;314057
  7. Paco75

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    A friend of mine got this error while he was recovering with image ghost... he has a toshiba satellite... now i cant get into BIOS by pressing "del" key as usual... i want to go on bios to see if it boots from CD because it wont boot with CD!!

    any clues? :(


    Found it... it was "ESC" key on this laptop... and f12 to boot from CD :p
  8. [RS]CaLiZ_PlAYA

    [RS]CaLiZ_PlAYA TS Rookie

    Same Problem

    Hey guys, i have the same problem. Just turned on the computer this morning and this is exactly what it says. (Im on my upstairs computer)

    NTLDR is Missing
    Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to reboot

    I did not do anything the day before to cause this. It was probably my dad. I just play video games and stuff. Any idea on what it means? Can anyone help me?

    Im using a Windows XP Proffesional. And i dont have the cd that came with the computer. I dotn have anythign that came with the computer. Sry My dad lost it i guess.
  9. Paco75

    Paco75 TS Rookie

  10. [RS]CaLiZ_PlAYA

    [RS]CaLiZ_PlAYA TS Rookie

    Hey Paco, I just used like 5 blank cds to download a whole bunch of those things on the second ste and then i put the cd in the computer downstairs and none of them work. Can you give me the program that i can download and put on a cd to boot my pc with. My sn on aim is Calizkhilado


    EDIT2: Cumon Man where are u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  11. Paco75

    Paco75 TS Rookie

    did your pc boot on cd-rom first? You have to go in your bios to boot on cd rom first.
  12. Paco75

    Paco75 TS Rookie

    This problem may occur if your existing Windows installation was cloned and then
    applied to a drive that has a different geometry from that of the source drive
    of the cloned copy.

    Try to speak with all who have used the PC when te problem occured! Ask them if
    they have changed anything in the PC... even a simple physical change may be the
    cause. Put back the system as it was before. If there is any new drives remove

    Make sure to check in your BIOS if your windows xp (if youre using it on this PC)
    boots from CD rom since the startup disk of windows XP is the Win XP cd-rom...
    you will also need to boot from cd to use the program you burned on CD. To go on
    BIOS press CTRL or ESC or END or DELETE keys (depends on your PC/Laptop).

    1) Boot with the CD you burned and follow instructions

    if it dont works

    2) Boot with Windows XP CD and try a "Repair"

    if it dont works

    3) Try a recovery console

    if it still dont work... in last resort

    4) Boot from Windows XP cd-rom and Partition and/or Format your drive and reinstall windows xp
  13. [RS]CaLiZ_PlAYA

    [RS]CaLiZ_PlAYA TS Rookie

    I dont have the windows xp cd. I cant find it online. Like to burn. Send me the file.
  14. theonlypcdoctor

    theonlypcdoctor TS Rookie

    You will have to have an XP CD, you can find illegal sites to download it, but I don't suggest that route, some are setup with back door accesses, best bet, get an OEM version from a PC store or buy a retail copy from an office max or office depot.
  15. ericp

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    all you need to do is get a copy of the ntldr file (hidden file)form a different computer that has xp or from the cd and copy it to c:\ .
    using a boot cd (win 98 boot disk -www.bootdisk.com)
    or using the repair console (win xp cd setup)
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