NTLDR missing and BIOS setttings

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May 27, 2005
  1. I am newbie, so sorry if i posted my message on the wrong place...
    I NEED HELP!!!
    My probelm started with the "blue screen" (***STOP: 0x0000000A) which
    constantly appears on my screen! I visited WINDOWS XP help and it says
    follow the instructions on the blue screen... so, i did. According to
    the blue screen, i need to disable BIOS shadowing... I realize that i
    have a BIOS password which i forgot... so, i need to bypass the Bios
    password... I tried removing the battery from my motherboard and
    back again... I WORKED! The BIOS password was Gone! But to my surprise,
    the BIOS settings was reset!!! i dont know the correct settings!!!...
    I also get the message/error that says:
    Verifying DMI Pool Data...
    NTLDR is missing
    Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart
    Basically, these are my problems... I don't know the correct settings
    of the BIOS and The NTLDR missing....
    I can still access Windows XP by pressing F9 and boot to HDD before
    "NTLDR is missing" error appear.
    I thought reinstalling windowsXP can solve the problem, but it did not.
    I HOPE U can help me with this one....
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    It sounds like you have two installs of windows , as windows will not load without NTldr file .Did you cleanly install XP the second time ?on a freshly formatted HDD?
    The bios might be readding the damaged ntldr of the first install.
    In which case you will need to delete the first one. But I wold format and cleanly install to remove all of th remains of the first XP you should be able to grab all your data with the 2nd XP to make a backup

    At any rate , go to the web site and download a copy of the Owner's manual for your MB .You can read up on the settings for your hardware. I f your not sure about some items , post back with your hardware profile and bios brand.
    Also check for an update to your Bios while you at the site.
  3. GoAvalanche

    GoAvalanche TS Rookie Posts: 42

    One thing about the bios settings is they have to be exact. During boot go to setup and check your bios settings version number...WRITE IT DOWN. If you replace bios with the wrong one many things can go wrong.
    Good Luck
  4. cme222

    cme222 TS Rookie

    I had a similar problem, after buying new graphics and motherboard, xp started, but turned itawelf off to prevent damage.
    I formatted the hdd, but now when i put in the XP CD i just get NTLDR is missing, but surely as there is no OS, NTLDR isn't needed.
  5. sgtkickass

    sgtkickass TS Rookie

    I had same prob installing the xp with ntldr missing, have u checked your hd for errors? the only way I could get round it was to partition the hard drive when installing windows and install into the partition you need about 3gb space for all the windows swap files etc. It could be your boot section is damaged using the partition will skip that.
    Also if you are not using a legit copy of win it could just be a bad copy.
  6. victis88

    victis88 TS Rookie

    hey im having the same problem
    i just put together my computer and tryed to istall maxblast 4 for my harddrive before i installed an os. after that finished i put in the xp cd and when i started the computer the NTLDR is missing message showed up
    i tryed to reset my bios but it still wouldnt work
    any help would be great
  7. ntldrismissing

    ntldrismissing TS Rookie

    Old thread ressurection

    Not sure why but Google Alerts just notified me this month about this post. I hope that you've already all gotten your computers fixed, but if anyone has similar problems:
    Original Poster UPLB stub: It's likely your BIOS has a setting of "which hard drive to try and boot first" and it's pointing to a hard drive that isn't there, or the incorrect drive, or not to a hard drive at all. You can likely correct your issue by looking for a "Boot Priority" setting in your BIOS. Set the Floppy drive to first, CD-Rom drive to second, then hard drive to third, and ensure you don't have a floppy or cd-rom in those drives.
    cme222: You are correct about no OS causing the error, you'll need to boot from the CD to start XP setup.
    victis88: If it's a new installation just reformat and reinstall.

    If my solutions didn't work for you, next check:
    for a boot floppy work around.
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