NTLDR missing? Here's a boot floppy that might help.

By Mictlantecuhtli
Jan 17, 2005
  1. "NTLDR missing, press ctrl+alt+del to reboot" ?

    Download XP Pro boot floppy image from here.

    It is a compressed image, you'll need to uncompress it and write to a floppy disk with a floppy image writer, for example Floppy Image v1.5.2.

    Before you boot, take a look at its boot.ini file and make sure it points to the right drive and directory. I made it so that by default it starts XP from the first partition on the first hard disk drive from \WINDOWS directory.

    This might / should work on XP Home too, but I haven't tested it myself.

    The boot floppy does nothing else than boots from floppy drive, looks for XP in location specified in boot.ini, and then starts XP from there. There are no recovery commands or anything else.
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    Another boot disk for NTLDR

    Here's the one I made:
    Run the executable to open an image writer and the image to write to disk.

    Has 10 selections to try and help you find the correct one to ressurect your OS.

    If you prefer a method that doesn't have you downloading executable files from websites you've never heard of, check out my page describing my solutions for the dreaded "ntldr is missing" error:

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