NTLDR missing press any key to restart Please Help

By insidesdrawn
Jan 26, 2007
  1. I recently had an issue with my computer looping into safe mode. I have windows XP home in my computer and one day when I loaded it up it just started restarting by itself looping into safe mode. I tried every option in the choices that were listed in Safe mode and they would not load windows with any of the options. I have searched the net extensively and the issue goes back as far as 2004 that I know of.

    I will attempt to be very specific in order to give you a better Idea what has happened so that maybe (for the love of god) I can resolve this issue.

    Safe mode - restarted then looped
    Safe mode with Networking - restarted and looped
    safe mode with comand prompt - restared then looped
    Last known good config - restarted then looped
    Load windows normally - restarted then looped.

    I put the windows install disk in and started up the recovery console to try and repair but it only gave me H: drive which is the dvd drive that my computer boots up with first under Bios. It stated these options.

    1. H:\MiniNT
    2. H:\I386

    I typed option 1 and it gave me this


    I then typed c: to try and manually open the choice of my hard drive c: Which gave me the C: drive prompt.


    I did a chkdsk /r and /p both of which did a minimal scan and said this

    "There are one or more unrecoverable problems"

    I then restarted my computer without the windows disk in the dvd drive and Held F8 to open options to disable the loop problem so that it did not try and restart. The Blue screen came up and gave me the error that was happening

    It stated BAD_BOOT_VOLUME and towards the bottom it gave the Technical information. I do not remember what it said but I have it written down somewhere. Here is what I remember but it had more. I will update later.

    "STOP: 0x00000000ED (0xc00000006,

    I spent several hours on live chat with Windows XP tech support and they walked me through the Fixboot option under the Windows Recovery Console.

    Where I typed this


    It ran the program and then popped up this on the black screen.

    "NTLDR file missing
    Press any key to restart."

    I then put the Windows install disc back in the boot up dvd Drive and hit "any key to restart"

    It asked me about what boot device did I want to use and then asked me if I wanted to boot from disc. I hit any key to do so.

    This of course brought me back up to the Windows intstall/repair screen. I went back into the R option Recovery Console and It pulled up the same two options before.

    1. H:\MiniNT
    2. H:\I386

    Which the Windows support tech said it should show C:\windows> option. But it does not.

    I then selected 2 (H:\I386)


    I was told to copy the NTLDR to the c:\ drive so I typed in this.

    H:\I386>copy H:\I386\ntldr c:\

    It stated 1 file copied.

    I then restarted the computer without the window's install disc and it went back to the screen that said.

    "NTLDR file missing
    Press any key to restart."

    I was told by the tech to now try and copy the NTdetect.com file to the c:\ drive.

    H:\I386>copy H:\I386\ntdetect.com c:

    It said 1 file copied

    I then restarted again without the windows disc and it went back to the

    "NTLDR file missing
    Press any key to restart."

    THis time the Tech who apparently did not know too much gave up. He said he was going to have a Higher up handle this the next day. I have had both Windows and XP try to tell me that this is a Hardware problem and I am not about to lose all my files that are Irreplaceable? I realize there is the option to back up ALL 250 gigs worth of my hard drive. But this seems so much like a software problem. There has to be a way to fix this.

    I tried something on my own this time. I put the windows disc in the boot up dvd drive (H:) and loaded up the windows install and recovery program. I selected install windows option

    I brought up the terms and conditions screen.

    I selected F8 to agree to the terms and conditions.

    Then It loaded up the partitions. It asked if I wanted to

    1 install on the selected partition
    2 delete selected partition
    3. create a new partion

    Below that it showed this

    H:\partition 1046mb ( can't recall it all)
    C:\ 237,000mb partition 2 [FAT] (3mb free)

    I backed out of this for fear of screwing up my files that I cannot replace.

    That's all I got. I don't know what to do and it seems that neither does the Tech from Windows. I have allready spent 50 bucks on HP for an extended 14 day warranty which was a waste of money. I don't want to have to lose any files. Can anyone please help?
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