NTLDR missing

By Tr4k2Tr4k
Aug 30, 2005
  1. hi i bearly bought a new western digital hard drive 120 Gb and tryed to replace my old one 60 gb with this one my computer is a 97 Hp 8260 and has had all original parts i have not touched anything and one day the hard drive wouldnt start i had win98 on the old hard drive and im trying to install Xp on this one but when my computer is starting i get a message that says NTLDR missing and it tells me to restart and when i restart i still get the same message i have already used this boot Cd for my other computer wich is as old as this one but its a compaq presario and it has worked great but i cant get my HP to work can anyone help me out thank you :eek:
  2. teedee

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    go google, nub
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