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By The_Watcher_911
Nov 27, 2005
  1. Ok I have made several posts and they were confusing but I have made progress but now I am stuck........

    I have a Seagate hd with windows 2000 on and just bought a new 80gb one. I added the new one in as master and installed windows 2000 on it. I misplaced my registry key & couldn't progress.

    I then tried to install windows xp ontop of it but I got the error Ntldr missing. SO I used my seagate as the master and the 80 gig as the slave and installed win xp on the 80 gig.

    It works but when I took out the seagate & put the 80 as the master it said Ntldr missing again. The only way my 80 gig with winxp works is if my seagate with win 2000 is the master and the 80 gig is the slave. I get the option to run xp or win 2000 but how can i get it to work with the new as the master and the old as slave?!

    I used the fixboot utility in 2000's recovery console but no luck.

    The old drive is FAT32 and the new NTFS.
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Take the drive you want as master and install it ALONE. boot with your XP Cd and delete the existing partition create a new partition and format it. then proceed with the install of XP. you can add the other drive as slave AFTER you get XP installed.
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