nVidia 6200? 128 v 256 and 128mb-182bit?

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Sep 29, 2007
  1. well. the purpose of this g-card is going to be an addition to my crappy dimen 3000 from dell. i know it doesnt have any agp slots neither does it have PCI-e slots so basically im looking for the best PCI slot gcard. people on all the forums say 6200 is basically what i should go for, concidering i have about $100 bucks +/- 20 to spend. i know that the 128mb has better reviews from most people than the 256. ideas? maybe because of the clock speed being bigger on the 128, basically working the same as 256 and having u pay less. also i couldnt find any 256 ones with 128 bit... sounds weird but google let me down first time in my life i guess.lol. best buy reviews for the 256 are real crappy, 3 reviews and ALL of them 0's. the 128 mb is said to be better. well just in case anyone will help me w/ this
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz 2.7GHz running wind XP on it,768mb ram, buying +256 soon or just scratching the 256 i have and buying 512 right away,integrated grafix ctroller 64mb g825 (reason i want a the new video card :D), as said above no agp or pci-e slots...

    P.S: im not a fan of great graphics. all i actually need is not top brand new but normal games like IL2sturmovik HoMM5, oblivion, Teh guild 2, maybe!!! quake 4 on real low settings to run. im not the kind of person who will say zOMFG!!!! such bad grafix!!!!11 h0w can u plei like dis u n00b!?!?!?11
    just the fact that it wont lag and the graphics of these kind of games will be fine for me on mid-low mid-high most of the older ones is fine for me.so if anyone here can help, id love to hear ur answers. (and yea ive read the sticky about 6200, the reason why im considering getting one)
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    about the title the last part is supposed to be 128mb 128 bit :D
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  4. kirillsk8tr

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    right there in the comments someone said not compatible with the 3000 dimension??? true or wtf. and another comment said it was actually 64 bit not 128... so what would you recommend? the 128-128 or 256-64?
    also says has problems w/ playing winamp/ WMP video files??? is that true?
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    Sorry if I wasted your time (this link to the card you couldn't find was in the sticky you supposedly read?) I will finish what I started:
    Do you believe everything you read? Anyone can post a review on Newegg.
    You are referring to this comment?:
    Pros: well, if it had worked it would have been awesome im sure

    Cons: Did not work on my Dell Dimension 3000

    Other Thoughts: if only it ad worked, i still think this is good though. do not buy if you have a Dell dimension 3000
    1 out of 4 people found this review helpful

    And you read these?:
    Pros: I have an older dell and used this as a second card for running dual monitors. It works flawlessly with the onboard video.
    Pros: Small, just managed to fit inside a mini-itx case, which was the reason I bought this card. Now using this in an old Dell Optiplex.

    In reference to the video files, here is the whole review:
    Pros: Great video card if you can only use PCI, like in a Dell. Runs CounterStrike: Source on full settings with HDR on full, Antialiasing(AA) 4x, Anisotropic(AS) 8x, everything else at highest setting at 1024 x 768. Runs Doom 3 at 800 x 600 on High settings with 2x AA. Same settings with Quake 4, but without AA runs smoother. Overall great card.

    Cons: Fails to run VLC media player or Windows media player(videos). Sound runs fine. Can't run Doom 3 at highest settings at 1024 x 768. Had to force it a little to get it in the slot.

    Other Thoughts: Dell Dimension 2400, Pentium 4 2.399 GHz, 1 GB ram. Nu-Eg ish aweshum.
    5 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you?

    Maybe the author did not have all the proper codecs?
    Here is the the info from the manufacturer:

    BTW: if this doesn't help you at all, try doing your own research next time, wtf.
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