Nvidia 7600GS Foxconn - Is it worth buying?

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Oct 27, 2006
  1. Hey people!

    I'm going to be buying a computer within the next week or so, but I am kinda in trouble since MSY - a leading computer-hardware retailer over here - took the Radeon X800Pro out of their stock recently, and that was the graphics card I was planning on buying.

    Now I am looking at the Nvidia 256MB 7600GS Foxconn, since it is affordable, and sounds fairly decent.

    Is it worth the purchase?

    Also, what differences are there between the Nvidia 256MB 7600GS and the Radeon 256MB X800Pro?
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  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The X800PRO or even an X800GTO completely destroys any 7600GS out there. The 7600GT is another matter entirely and it pwns all of the above cards, so I suggest that u either get that or an X800GTO if it's available.
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    Wow! You prevented me from making the dumbest decision of my life! Unfortunately, MSY doesn't have the X800PRO of X800GTO - yea, they screwed me over with that one. With the Radeons, it skips from crappy ones like the 256MB Asus X550 (though for some reason it says HOT HOT next to it) to the 512MB Sapphire X1950XTX, which is $643..

    Just if this information is useful, my current working graphics card is an AGP Radeon 9800PRO.. I want a fairly significant step up from that, but nothing 'extreme'. Anything between $100 AUS and $210 AUS.

    Before I end this post, I've one thing left to say: I read that review given by JMMD, but are there great differences between the 7600GT Gigabyte, Albatron, Leadtek and the Foxconn? I definitely won't get the 7600GS.
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    Between the different third-party versions of the 7600GT, the only difference is in the CPU and memory clocks. These however, are very small and do not give a very large performance difference.
    As for ur query, check this card out. It's a very powerful card and provides performance equal to the X800GTO. It's in ur budget too and I think TigerDirect delivers to Australia too. Check it out and if u can get it for the same price or cheaper in any shop in Australia, then get it definitely.
  8. unD!

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    Unfortunately MSY doesn't sell the BFG GeForce 6800. It looks very appealing, though (Not that I know much about graphics cards).

    Well, there's a $30 difference between the Foxconn and Gigabyte when it comes to the 7600GT. Is it worth the extra money?
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    U have a link to each of them? I can tell u if u have them...
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