NVIDIA card driver installation problem on Vista 32-bit.....PLEASE HELP

By Jdelozier828
Sep 27, 2007
  1. Ok, so about a week ago I got a new Emachine from Bestbuy with the hopes of having a new PC to play World of Warcraft. The machine had 512MB DDR2 RAM and Vista 32-bit. So I install the game and I am able to go in and get all the patches, and then install the expansion. However, when I wanted to access the expansion I got an error #121 (something about "mismatched versions"). Now, this problem could just be something with installation, but also when I first put in the WoW expansion disk to install it it said I didn't have enough RAM. So, I went the next day and got 512MB more RAM, and It's Kingston 667MHz DDR2 RAM. Ok, so I go home and put it in and it speeds up my computer A LOT! In my system properties I see that it recognizes the RAM and it all seems to be working fine. So I reinstall World of Warcraft, but when I first try to access the first(non-expansion) game I get an error #132 (a VERY vague error I found out) and it does something about a video hardware issue. I did notice that occasionally that my monitor would shut off and and when I would turn it back on it would say that my graphics drivers had failed or something. However, I naturally assumed it had to do with RAM since it didn't do it before I put the RAM in. So I took the RAM card out and went back in and tried to acces it but it said the same thing. How can this be? So now I am trying to get Video drivers because it seems the next most probable cause, so I downloaded SIW 1.70 an see that my video card is NVIDIA GeForce 1650SE nForce 430. and found this link here: https://www.techspot.com/drivers/driver/file/information/9604/

    Notice at the bottom it says it supports the video card I said. So when I tried to install it I get an error saying that the "setup detected that the drivers could only be installed on windows 32-bit and that I was not running windows 32-bit," EVEN THOUGH I AM. PLEASE HELP, this is very confusing, and I don't know that much about computers.

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    1.You do not have a video card
    2.If I decifer your post correctly:
    "my video card is NVIDIA GeForce 1650SE nForce 430"
    do you mean:
    GeForce6150SE nForce 430?
    This driver:
    I don't think will work with 512mb ram. This is the same driver used for dedicated video cards(even though your link states it's for it).
    This is what Nvidia has listed:
    This is for your motherboard using on-board video.
    Regardless you should get a dedicated video card.
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    Onboard video is gonna struggle playing almost any game. Oldies like UT GOTY will probably be OK, but Modern games are way beyond it.
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