Nvidia Display / Refresh Rates / Power Saving

Nov 10, 2003
  1. Ok, here it is:

    Im Running:

    Windows XP

    GeForce Ti 4200
    AGP 4x
    128 Mb
    BIOS: Direct X: 9.02

    Rolled back the driver from 5.02 after having problems w. it freezing in ET.

    Anyway, at random intervals my "power saving monitor" kicks on... most of the time leaving me w. sound, but no control what-so-ever except the good old reset button. This happends when playing:
    warcraft 3,
    Enemy Territory, and
    Americas Army (I can go through the marksmanship testing for awhile before, but it seems to happen whenever i go to the obstacle course, even if its been working fine for the last 20 minutes)
    Havnt tried SOF, or SOCOM, 1942 etc.. so i dont know if it would happen w. them.

    * My power saving options are set to Always On, all of them.

    * Ive done everything imaginable to my refresh rates, problem still occurs when i overide to 60 Hz using direct x diag tool.

    Has anyone had this happen to them, or have any ideas on what i can try next? My monitor uses the standard plug and play drivers for win XP, but since it dosnt happen except when playing games, im thinking it has to be something w. my video card. Any useful input would be greatly appreciated.
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