nvidia forceware problems

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Sep 9, 2006
  1. Hi, im new to techspot.
    Recently I purchased a new 6600gt for my computer and a few weeks after i started having problems booting my computer. It would reach the windows logo then go to black ascreen and stop responding. I was able to go into safe mode, so i uninstalled all the nvidia drivers using driver cleaner proffesional edition and in doing so, was able to boot the computer fine again. But that means i cant play games or do anything because I have no drivers. If i install them the problem will happen again.
    Please help me, im running out of ideas!!!!

    my rig is
    p4 2.7ghz
    geforce 6600gt
    1gb of corsair pc3200 ram
    tagan 530w psu
    black x-cruiser case
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  3. tekNerd

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    You know how to really install the drivers, right?

    1.Uninstall the old drivers
    3.Disable antivirus (I disable all security stuff, but this is just me)
    4.Install new drivers

    If u already did that and u can't get it to work u should be a little worried.
  4. Skater9000

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    Thanks for reply. ive tried the link and have had no luck. I also tried teknerds solution without any luck. Im a little worried now because I have no idea what to do. :dead:
    thanks in advance for any solutions
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  6. johnmayo

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    And do you onboard video? If so disable it in the bios.
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